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Best. Puppy. Ever. My Royal Puppies was very easy to work with. We were out of country when it was time to get our pup Lotty, and they worked with us to reschedule. We could not be happier with our puppy, looks, temperament, intelligence is all fantastic! - Sam & Sue B. 

Natalie, Agnes seems to have adapted to her new home instantly!  It took Lotty a couple of days to warm up to her, but now they play all day.  She seems to watch Lotty and then copy what she does.  They have a little soft toy that’s about five inches long, Lotty lets Aggie grab it and then Lotty tugs gently on the other end.  If Aggie lets go, Lotty drops it on the floor in front of her.   Aggie is so cute with her little noises she makes to communicate!  Especially at bed time or when getting up in the morning!  Her personality seems very different from Lotty’s when she was young.  She is very outgoing and assertive, and seems to lack any fear, where Lotty was always more reserved and cautious. - Sam


We have two amazing female poodles from them! They love to play and cuddle. We couldn’t ask for better dogs for our family. - Tillie H. 


They take such great care of their poodles! Our puppy came home already well socialized, and her temperance is so sweet! Thank you My Royal Puppies! - Rachel R. 


This is Oliver (75lbs) and River (13lbs ) he is 10 and she is almost 3 ...both from my royal puppies....a fantastic match....can't imagine ever adopting another poodle from anyone else.- Shannon G. 


This is Sheldon, grandson of Marquis and Monet. He's a year old and a fantastic addition to our household! - Janet H. 


Happy Birthday South Jetty!
At 2 years old Jetty has earned 6 American Kennel Club titles. Becoming a registered animal therapy team through Pet Partners and Angel on a Leash is our most rewarding and giving accomplishment. - Teale A.


Coco is ready for summer here in Florida! She got her first short hair cut today. We were sad to see her fluffy puppy hair go, but she's growing into a beautiful young lady!  😍 - Jolee S. 


We want to tell you a little bit about our girl named Coco that we purchased through My Royal Puppies. She is our baby girl… She is everything and more of what we thought a standard poodle would be. She loves to sing and dance with us , she loves bedtime because she sleeps in bed with our son. She is so smart and continues to amaze us with her talents and affection.  Thank you so much for breeding such a high quality Standard Poodle ! We would definitely recommend anybody looking to purchase a standard poodle to look into My Royal Puppies.  In our opinion, they are top notch breeders. - Radice Fam. 


Hi Jackie,

Hard to believe Zadie will be 11 months old on August 3rd!  She has successfully completed 3 levels of obedience training and works hard on all she's learned each day. She's an alpha female, so sometimes she can be stubborn, but knows there's always love and reward when performs.

We are on the Wenachee River in Leavenworth this weekend and are enjoying the outdoors. She loves the water!  

Enjoy the pictures and take care.

Todd & Patti B

Hi Jackie,

Zadie has enjoyed her visit to the Oregon coast.  Can you believe she's almost 1 year old?!  

We adore her! - Patti B. 


This is Tucker (Rad and Sofia's 2014 #10) enjoying the nice Texas weather! - Bailey F. 


For Nox's birthday yesterday, she got some presents and a hamburger cake! I can't believe it's been a year. She is the best dog ever. Just 50lbs at a year old, we love her slightly smaller size. She goes hiking and jogging weekly. She is silly and feisty. She is just our best friend. - Katie & Gary