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About Us

We have been breeding poodles for over 19 years. We are a family of 4 and everyone has a part in our breeding program. Our daughters, Natalie or Jacqueline will be the ones you stay in contact if you are looking to add a puppy from My Royal Puppies. You will find that our puppies have outgoing personalities, having been born and raised in a friendly, and family environment. We aim to have dogs that have excellent temperaments and a great sense of socialization.   


We live in 20 beautiful and wooded acres. Our dogs live indoors with us and we have one stud male living in a guardian home where he'll be staying after he retires. Breeding healthy puppies is our goal, therefore our dogs are cleared by tests for genetic diseases.

We have bred black, white, apricot, red and brown poodles over the years but for the last few years have been focusing on brown poodles and may occasionally have black pups as well.