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We Specialize in Standard Poodles

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Welcome to My Royal Puppies! We are located in Newport, Washington. We have been breeding  for over 16 years.

You will  find that our puppies have very outgoing  personalities, having been born and raised in our home, around children, in a friendly,  family environment. They have an excellent temperament and a great sense of socialization.

The Standard Poodle is an intelligent, loyal, adaptable dog, that has a happy playful personality and is often described as having a great sense of humor, as an extremely intelligent and highly trainable dog. They are very gentle and are rated in the top 3 for watchdogs and smart dogs. Standard poodles have been used as hunting dogs, sled dogs, service dogs - and so on.

Toy Poodles make very rewarding pets. In spite of their small size, the Toy Poodle has retained the independent personality of large poodles, and is an affectionate, playful companion.

Poodles are very smart and easy to train, friendly, good with kids.  And since they don't shed they are hypoallergenic!! 

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